Geelilakkauksen valmistajat sanovat, että lakkaus ei kestä enempää kuin 2-3 viikkoa ja siihen on tietty syy. Kovetettu geelilakka lisää oman kynnen päällä olevaa painoa. Tästä ei ole haittaa, silloin kun suurin paino on tukevasti sormen päällä olevalla kynnen keskiosalla. Kynnen kasvaessa geelilakkaus ja sen painopiste siirtyy eteenpäin. 2-3 viikon jälkeen painopiste siirtyy sormen ulkopuolelle ja se altistaa geelilakkauksen alla olevan luonnollisen kynnen murtumille. Tämän vuoksi on suositeltavaa, että geelilakkaus poistetaan vähintään 3 viikon kuluttua. 💙Geelilakkaus voidaan poistaa kahdella eri tavalla. 🥇Ensimmäinen on ammattilaisen suorittama koneellinen poisto. Toimenpide kestää noin 10 minuuttia. Turvallisuussyistä koneellista poistoa ei suositella harrastelijakäyttöön. 🥈Toinen vaihtoehto on geelilakkauksen kemiallinen poisto. Siihen voidaan käyttää asetonia sisältäviä lakkauksen poistoaineita tai muita akryyli- tai geelikynsilakkojen poistamiseen tarkoitettuja aineita.Kemiallinen poisto kestää noin 30 minuuttia kynnen pituudesta riippuen.

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Taking care of your feet

Taking care of the feet.

First of all we should remember! WE fit the shoe to the foot, not the foot to the shoe. Professionals suggest having your feet measured for width as well as length. Or, if you want to get more creative, stand on a piece of paper and trace around the shape of your foot. Then place your shoe on top — if you can see any foot tracing lines overhanging the shoe then this shoe is too narrow or not the right shape for you. Another tip is going shoe shopping in the afternoon after any natural swelling has occurred.

Taking care of feet BeNailed

Then there is the question of heels.It’s said, that high-heeled shoes can lead to an increase in foot pain and the development of painful corns and calluses,  referring to a study of just under 100 women between the age of 40 and 66. However, the study also showed that wearing heels did not seem to lead to any statistically significant increases in deformities or joint disease on x-ray.

However, everybody has a different type of foot.  Whether looking for sports or dress shoes, you need to find what suits you. For example, you can choose a different heel which is more comfortable for the foot. You might have a larger surface area heel with platforms so you’re getting that height but you’re not getting [such an] angle.

Taking care of feet BeNailed

If finding the right shoes to support your feet is a struggle, there is always the option of orthotics. These are inserts fitted into the shoe that can help reduce or redistribute pressure in the foot and provide support for correct foot function.

What is becoming quite significant is that off-the-shelf, pre-fabricated orthoses are just as beneficial as custom-made orthoses. There was a study that analysed the effects of a mass market insole. Although it was a small sample, the team found that the use of the insole — which is designed to improve the function of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (the big joint of the big toe) — led to a probable increase in walking efficiency as well as comfort.

BUT! If you wear orthotics or arch supports these will not work properly if your gastrocnemius muscles are tight.  Professionals recommend regular calf stretching.

Taking care of feet BeNailed

As well as correct footwear, cleaning and keeping toenails trimmed are important aspects of foot care. Although feet should be cleaned daily, soaking them can destroy the natural oils in the skin and should be avoided. Furthermore, make sure you dry your feet well and pay particular attention to areas between the toes as this can potentially create athlete’s foot.

Foot care can become more difficult as people get older. Reaching down to cut toenails and clean and moisturise feet can be challenging, and this population is more likely to have underlying conditions, such as diabetes or arthritis. Furthermore, people often gain weight as they get older. Usually, family member can help with cutting toenails and, if that is not an option, many of the  local organisations offer toenail-cutting services for people over 50. Taking care of feet is important part of sustaining movability.

And SLIPPERS. Podiatrists are against wearing slippers. “They can become sloppy, are unsupportive, and individuals run the risk of tripping and falling over”.

Another issue for some older people is a reluctance to seek help if they have foot pain. “Older generations were copers, they just got on with it,”.

But, please, let’s stop it!  Foot pain should not be seen as an inevitable part of ageing.


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text by Buro 247

«Главные цвета для маникюра весной и летом: яркий лимонно-желтый, холодный зеленый, холодный розовый и более классические — красно-оранжевый и красно-коричневый. Покрытия подобных оттенков выпустили практически все ведущие бренды. И, конечно, не cтоит забывать о базовых цветах — слоновой кости и серой керамики», — говорит Милли Адесиле, ведущий мастер маникюра и тренер Nail Spot.



Самым трендовым цветом 2018 года по версии института Pantone стал ультрафиолетовый оттенок. «Фиолетовый — достаточно яркий цвет, и не все к нему готовы, но если вы все же решились, то выбирайте такие оттенки, как индиго, пурпурный, лавандовый, аметистовый. Все оттенки можно сочетать между собой, ведь разноцветный маникюр по-прежнему актуален», — говорит Алена Яковлева, SMM-менеджер студии bebebe.msc.

«Очень интересно сочетать ультрафиолет с блестками — получается имитация космоса на ногтях. Такой маникюр будет хорошо смотреться на коротких ногтях квадратной формы. Этот цвет могут позволить себе абсолютно все», — рассказывает эксперт студии Fingers Crossed.

На многих показах ультрафиолет был использован частично в дизайне: например, в геометричном на показе Christian Siriano и абстрактном — на шоу Manish Arora. «В силу своей двойственной природы ультрафиолет, сочетающий в себе красный и синий оттенки, помогает создать красивые цветовые комбинации, так как идеально он гармонирует со всеми цветами спектра», — объясняет Лилия Зарипова, технолог бренда Bandi.

Желтый и зеленый

Второй по популярности цвет — желтый, его можно найти в цветовой линейке любого бренда. «Основное правило — желтый должен быть теплым и мягким, как солнечный свет. У него даже есть особое название — канареечный. Такой цвет лака можно найти, например, в весенне-летней коллекции Сhanel. Маникюр в этом цвете наиболее выигрышно будет смотреться на коротких ногтях», — говорит эксперт студии Fingers Crossed.

Если сложно носить такие яркие цвета, то можно попробовать цветной френч, как на показе Alice+Olivia. «Солнечно-желтый и сочный зеленый идеально сочетаются между собой и с главным цветом сезона — фиолетовым. Используя эти оттенки в дизайнах, можно добавить весенней яркости спокойному маникюру», — советует Лилия Зарипова.

Красный и нюд

Неизменная классика, встречающаяся на всех показах, — красный цвет и все оттенки нюда. Если красного на весенне-летних показах было чуть меньше, чем всегда, то нюд был представлен в теплых и холодных оттенках — светлом сером, кофейном, пудровом, розовом, бежевом, коралловом. Цвета должны быть обычными глянцевыми, без шиммера, перламутра и матового эффекта. «Красный этой весной должен потеплеть. Самый модный оттенок — теплый с мандариновым отливом. Почти оранжевый. Весной 2018 года самые актуальные оттенки нюда — теплые. И еще один актуальный цвет — светло-серый. Такой отлично подходит для тех, кто любит нейтральные оттенки, но хочет чего-то нового. Цвет выглядит очень свежо, не скучно. Носить такой цвет можно с любой длиной ногтей и любой формы», — рассказывает эксперт студии Fingers Crossed.

«Красный цвет лака подходит под любую длину и форму ногтей. Это такая же классика, как и красная помада», — говорит Алена Яковлева.


Популярен также цвет безоблачного весеннего неба и мятного леденца. «Найти такой можно в весенне-летней коллекции лаков Chanel, а также в марках Christina Fitzgerald, Smith & Сult. Этот цвет отлично будет смотреться как в классическом исполнении, так и с легким металлическим блеском, который будет вносить нотки свежести», — советует эксперт студии Fingers Crossed.


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Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish Trends 2018/2019

#1. Moody Tones

Naturally with the arrival of the colder months, colors get darker and gloomier both in terms of fashion and beauty. The fall/ winter 2018-2019 nail trends embraced fall’s authentic side by offering up a myriad of darker nail polish colors you could wear with basically any outfit.

Phillip Lim showcased glossy nails in moody tones of dark olive, smokey teal and more. Tanya Taylor’s tipped manicures showed off a stunning cream end on a rich burgundy colored base.

Edeline Love’s chocolate cherry colored nails were dreamily and perfectly deep in color in a medium-length stiletto shape. Tadashi Shoji’s deeply colored nails topped with fine mesh were interesting and just the right amount of gothic glamor that also had a bit of a snakeskin effect to them.

Self-Portrait’s midnight toned navy nails are the closest shade to black that blue has ever gotten.

#2. Futuristic Metallics

Metallics are usually assumed to be shades of gold, copper and chrome. In recent seasons, the rose gold trend really took off, but now metallics of all shades are getting a lot of love as a fall 2018 nail trend.

Cividini showed a metallic olive shade that was designed to match the eye looks on that runway. Tanya Taylor’s silver chrome polish tipped with coral was an excellent choice as well. Naeem Khan really sealed the deal with prismatic nails in holographic blue and green designed to look like the beautiful shell of a Peruvian insect that really inspired him.

#3. Jewel Tones

The fall 2018 nail trends make sure you have enough bewitching jewel nail colors to choose from for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. Rich, refined and kind of mystique, jewel-toned manicure can elevate your looks to impressive heights.

Marc Jacobs’ nail polishes came in 9 highly pigmented and beautifully jewel toned shades that stunned everyone who cast a glance at them. The nail polish shades were expertly curated and coordinated with the looks for the runway, making them an essential for your accessories if you intend to stock your wardrobe with the offerings of the Marc Jacobs fall 2018 collection. Even some of the metallics had a jewel-toned vibe.

Self-Portrait showed off a deep sapphire blue nail polish that was dreamy and nearly twilight in color with a lot of shine.

#4. New Shades of Nude and Neutrals

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 nail trends announce gold and silver metallic the new nude, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to wear something subtle with a good hint of shine. Light shades of taupe, beige and even olive green have made the list with soft, early translucent pinks to be considered the new neutrals and nudes. These nail colors include the universally flattering shades of gray, brown and olive, shades of nude that don’t amp up on the color too much, just enough to be unassuming yet chic.

Some of the newer shades like gray can be seen on the Eudon Choi. Taupe and beige options were included in simple artistic designs like those seen on the Adeam models.

Stella McCartney showed off the light pink that is often associated with nudes as well. Roland Mouret decided to wash the models’ nails in a more typically recognized nude.

#5. Glossy High-Shine Nails

Glossy-finished nails are always stunning and are a welcomed renewed fall 2018 nail trend. Christian Siriano’s stunning manicures featured several different and cleverly beautiful designs that shone with a high gloss finish. The shine only accented the mix of rich colors and metallics.

Phillip Lim’s models wore dark, moody colors with a ridiculously pretty amount of shine. The shine was so clear and bright it accented the range of colors showcased beneath the shine so well that the polish still looked wet.

#6. Glitter Nails

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 nail trends proudly state that glitter nails are in, and since we love all things sparkling and mesmerizing, this is our favorite nail polish option to try!

Cushnie et Ochs showed off a mostly ‘naked’ nail with a sprinkle of glitter placed at the tips. The look was natural, very elegant and not the least bit overpowering, which can be a tough feat to accomplish with glitter.

Creatures of Comfort showed off multifaceted glitter nail polish in a successful attempt to hit (or create) more than one trend for the fall 2018 season. The colors ranged in an ombre style, transitioning from one nail to the other in a sparkling design.

Ivory manicures sparkling with a shimmering finish were seen on the Preen runway for just another cool option to choose from.

#7. Richer Reds

Red is a classic nail color, but any fan of fashion knows that the shades of red vary and even include blues and oranges. Oscar de la Renta showed a glossy and deep red nail varnish. Zadig & Voltaire on the other hand (pun intended) showed nails that were a vibrant yet glossy cherry red.

At the Temperley London fall 2018 show, vampy red nails were back in the spotlight and giving this trend a boost. Peter Pilotto and Etro also paraded the models’ nails in shades of red as well.

#8. Matte Nail Polish

Gareth Pugh showed off extra long matte cobalt blue nails with cut-outs at the tip. They were unexpected and impractical, a very unexpected and edgy look to go along with the unexpected looks and styling of the show.

Stella McCartney also showed muted matte pink manicures that were the picture of understated. It is nice that the wonder of matte nail polish will continue to be a fall/ winter 2018 nail trend.

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