Nailtech's starter package with quality

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All the necessary tools and accessories to begin making manicures and gellack.
OFFER! This bundle is 15% more affordable than the sum of it's parts.

Staleks FE 11-165 nail file

Staleks SX 22-1 scissors

Staleks PE-10-2 pusher

OGP-214 Spektr Gel Color, Samba

OGP-901 Spektr Gel Polish Top Coat

OAL-001 Spektr Nail Prep Dehydrator

OAL-013 Spektr Acid-Free Gel Primer

OGP-903 Spektr Gel Polish Base Coat. Rubber

OCC-002 Spektr Raspberry scented cuticle oil
OCH-019 Spektr Hand lotion. Milk chocolate scented, 30 ml
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